56C Frame Motors Three Phase

1/3rd to 3 HP 1800 and 3600 C flange with removable feet, our 56C Frame motors are suitable for a variety of commercial/industrial applications. These NEMA 56C Frame motors have removable bolt on/bolt off bases with mounting holes punched for NEMA 56 and NEMA 143T and NEMA 145T applications. The shaft is standard 5/8th diameter and made of a high grade tensile strength steel. State of the art cast aluminum end bells are ground to precision 56C for mounting to all gear reducers as well. These motors are electrically reversible and are protected with class F insulation for inverter duty applications.
Standard Features
  • High Starting Torque
  • NEMA Designed B
  • Class F insulation
  • Internal Oil Seal on drive end
  • Double Punched Foot Design
  • C Flange with removable feet
  • TEFC
  • Heavy Gauge rolled steel construction
  • Inverter Rated
56C Frame Motors Three Phase
General Purpose Use | Pumps | Fans | Blowers | Compressors | Farm Equipment | Installed in Damp, Dusty, Dirty Environment | Use with VFDs | Conveyors
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Sku Description Price Quantity
F56C1/3M2A 1/3HP 3600RPM 56C Frame $ 119.00
F56C1/3M4A 1/3HP 1800RPM 56C Frame $ 139.00
F56C1/2M2A 1/2HP 3600RPM 56C Frame $ 179.00
F56C1/2M4A 1/2HP 1800RPM 56C Frame $ 169.00
F56C3/4M2A 3/4HP 3600RPM 56C Frame $ 179.00
F56C3/4M4A 3/4HP 1800RPM 56C Frame $ 179.00
F56C1M2A 1HP 3600RPM 56C Frame $ 189.00
F56C1M4A 1HP 1800RPM 56C Frame $ 199.00
F56C1.5M2A 1.5HP 3600RPM 56C Frame $ 199.00
F56C1.5M4A 1.5HP 1800RPM 56C Frame $ 219.00
F56C2M2A 2HP 3600RPM 56C Frame $ 199.00
F56CH2M4A 2HP 1800RPM 56C Frame $ 249.00
F56CH3M2A 3HP 3600RPM 56C Frame $ 219.00