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Single Phase 230 Volt Danfoss VLT Micro Drives

Many independent engineers and manufactures consider this product to be unmatched in terms of quality, reliability, capability, and price competitiveness.

Danfloss VLT

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Sensorless Vector Technology with Programmable Volts Per Hertz Mode -- State of the Art Drive Technology
  • Capable of Running Constant Torque and Variable Torque Loads
  • Standard IP-20 Enclosure that can be upgraded to IP-21 or Nema 1 (See Accessory Items) -- Flexibility to Increase the Drive's Environmental Rating
  • Requires LCP - Local Control Panel (See LCP 11 or LCP 12 when ordering) --- One LCP works on all Sizes (from M1 to M5 Sizes)
  • LCP can be used to program multiple micro drives --- Download the same programming on multiple micro drives
  • 2HP and larger drives include dynamic brake resistor (chopper) --- Extra Braking Capability for quick Deceleration Ramp Down Times
  • Includes CE RFI Filter (at no extra charge) --- Suitable for Operation in Europe with the CE Mark
  • Conformal Coated Printed Circuit board --- An industry unmatched feature for a drive at this price point
  • Rated for 50C Ambient -- Great for high ambient temperatures
  • 98% Energy Efficient --- Most Energy Efficient Variable Frequency Drive Available in Today's Market
  • Suitable for "Book Shelf" Mounting --- Okay to Mount Side-by-Side within a Separate Cabinet and Save Mounting Space (the drive has an internal cooling fan for cooling)
  • Capable of being programmed from a PC with the use of MCT 10 software

Tips for Proper Micro Drive Selection:

  • The Output Current Rating needs to always be more than the motor's Full Load Amps.
  • Review the accessory kits. Each drive needs a LCP (unless it is pre-programmed and running off of a digital input).
  • What enclosure do you need? IP-20 (Standard Enclosure), IP-21, or Nema 1
  • Do you want a "speed pot" on the the LCP? If so, use a LCP 12
  • Din Rail Mounting Kit available as an accessory for Din Rail Mounting

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