5HP 1200RPM 215T

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5HP 1200RPM 215T

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Oil Well Pump Motor

Oil well pumps motors are high slip design D rated with 5-8% slip specifically designed and constructed for all oil well beam pumps. These motors are manufactured with an F2 positioned junction box, all cast iron frames and include a junction box and junction box cover. Our oil well pumping motors are requested on specifications for most major oil companies around the world as a result of their long lasting performance and low purchase and maintenance costs. Additional features include a 1.15 service factor, heavy duty ball bearing construction (roller bearings on 50hp and above) and class F insulation and V-ring shaft seals on both drive end and opposite drive end. With totally enclosed fan cooled enclosures and special white epoxy paint, these motors will perform in the harshest environments, guaranteeing the user a long motor life and cool operating temperatures. These work well in climates as harsh as the Middle East. You can pay more but you won't find a better motor anywhere.

Standard Features

  • All cast iron frame
  • Ribbed Design for maximum cooling
  • Class F Winding Insulation
  • All Ratings TEFC
  • All Steel Fan Covers
  • NEMA Design D rated
  • 5-8% High Slip
  • All Cast Iron Junction Box with Rubber Gasket and Rubber Dust Curtain
  • Solid All Cast Iron Mounting Feet
  • Standard NEMA T Frame F2 Mount Configuration for Oil Well Pumps
  • V-Ring Shaft Seal on Drive end and opposite drive end
  • Premium quality ball or roller bearings



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